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BOOKWORMS 2022/2023


  • 4. razred

Paul Shipton: Clunk in Space

Sue Arengo: Mansour and the Donkey


  • 5. razred

Paul Shipton: In the Big City


  • 6. razred

Christine Lindop: The Girl with Red Hair

Andrea Sarto: Sing to Win

Bill Bowler: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice


  • 7. razred

Bill Bowler: Sheherazade

Paul Shipton: Soccer in the Street

Rowena Wakefield: Maria’s Summer in London


  • 8. razred

Robert Quinn: Machines Then and Now

L. M. Montgomery: Anne of Green Gables

Lesley Thompson: The Real McCoy & Other Ghost Stories


  • 9. razred

Louise Spilsbury: Medicine Then and Now

Emma Howell: Who am I? Or, the Modern Frankenstein

Paul Shipton: The Secret on the Moon